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Knockengorroch World Ceilidh 2017 poster

Come and celebate 20 years of Knockengorroch with us this May!

World Ceilidh 2016 at night (photo Graham Wynne Photography)

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(Photo: Graham Wynne Photography)

Welcome! Failte!

If you prefer a bigger festival in a smaller pot you are a Knockengorrocher!
Join us beside the glittering Water of Deugh beneath the broad shoulders of southwest Scotland's great mountain peaks to celebrate some of the finest music from the Celtic diaspora and everywhere in-between.

A world of music in the hills

The World Ceilidh melds together the most ancient roots music with the latest cutting edge sounds.
This first truly backwoods upland music fest in Scotland hosts some of the best musicians and performers from across the world.

People to the hills, music to the land

All are invited to journey over hill and dale by rock and stream to our natural greenfield auditorium and to our upland stage to experience the biggest little festival this side of anywhere!

Bird's eye view

Some great footage of the festival from the sky showing our upland location to full effect


Yes - there is an actual ceilidh...

Fancy dress Friday!

Or whenever you want.

Crafts & Culture

All kinds of workshops: stonecarving, hula hooping, drumming, tai chi, capoeira, dance, stargazing... Something for everyone.

Surrounded by jawdropping beauty

In the stunning and accessibly remote setting of the southern upland hills of Dumfries & Galloway

What people are saying

Very wild

This is an amazing festival. It’s very wild and happens deep in the mountains. It’s a lot of fun: there are lots of international musicians mixing world music and traditional Scottish folk. It sits on the periphery of being a folk festival and not being a complete hippy grungefest. There’s a beautiful grass-roofed longhouse that
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Sam Lee

Stole my heart

Last year, I hopped off a place from NYC, landed in Edinburgh and only hours later was thrown into the magical land of Knockengorroch. I am a traveler and have gone to tons of festivals, but this one truly stole my heart. I remember sitting at a fire after the music ended, early morning sessions,
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Tiffany Simoncini