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Gurt Lush

Man of many words. Absolutely love this place. Love it love it love it. Saving up for a motor home now! XXX

Nil Patel
June 10, 2018

Mind blown

MASSIVE Respect to the knockinggorroch family. Personal shout out to all who made maddies mash tree happen. Looked stunning, peace, love , jimmy Carr barr lol xxxxxx

Jo Macdonald
Bbl crew
June 10, 2018

Restore Faith in Humanity..

Recharge your good vibes at the Knock. Be surrounded by beauty.. The hills, music and most importantly people will nurture your head and soul. I hold this gathering in a truly special place inside my heart.

Marky D
April 24, 2018

Lovely weekend

On behalf of my daughter and I thank you very much once again for putting on the friendliest festival around .

Rachel and Dad , Stephen 👏

Stephen McCormick
June 14, 2017


Love! The most peaceful and happy festival I’ve had the privilege of attending – had an amazing experience and my dog definitely did as well:):) All the love and thank you for putting on such a wonderful event. Looking forward to next year already!

Beta Leonis
June 14, 2017

A HUGE thank you for

A HUGE thank you for putting on the best small festival in the country . Myself and my wee boy jack can’t thank you enough for squeezing our rusty green ‘vw van in . We had a weekend we can never forget: amazing people, fantastic music, wonderful food.  All in what must be the best setting you could ever ask for . Roll on 2018

Adrian and Jack
June 2, 2017


Thanks for having me and my friends Knock … 7 yrs now, every year gets better.  Peace love (much) and square sausage x

June 2, 2017


A massive shout-out and uber TAPADH LEIBH UILE GU MÒR! / THANK YOUSE ALL MIGHTILY! to everybody, the folks behind the scenes, the performers, vollies and punters, that came together in the Galloway hills to make the 20th Knockengorroch Festivals such a belter! 😀
We LOVE this wee festival! If you haven’t been there yet, do it next year! You’re missing out on something really, really special!
Roll on no. 21!

June 1, 2017

beautiful people

This was my 17th year at Knock and by far the best yet. Midges are the only fly in the ointment but I came prepared with sai flora incense and nets. It works 😊. Thank you to the lovely people who attended my Tai Chi workshop, it was my first time teaching the form as my regular instructor Bob couldn’t make it this year. I felt so welcome, thank you for all your warm energies it helped me a great deal.

Thank you knock for your fairyland festival. Truly magical and so many record breaking unicorns inside the designated area, (999 that could be officially counted without adding a turnstile) and many more who wore their horns with pride. The stalls were fabulous with many a trinket to be admired and adorned. Workshops were brilliant and all free. Special thanks goes to the massage x2, the samba reggae, the Georgian singing and the beautiful belly dancing workshops to name only a few of what was on offer. Food was fabulous and music sublime (apart from the iPhone with attached speaker from 3am onwards in the tent next to us)

Thanks also to all involved in making this festival one to remember for all the right reasons. ❤❤❤

Jan Harper
9 waves Tai Chi
June 1, 2017

What an absolute beauty of

What an absolute beauty of a festival this really is. Didn’t think last year could be topped but it was, so a big thanks to organisers, and crews for putting on such an awesome event. PEACE, LOVE AND UNITY SESSIONS.

June 1, 2017

Highlight of the year….every year !!

I absolutely love love love Knockengorroch and it’s now a HUGE part of my life and my family’s life too ! Having attended since 2003, started working at the festival, met my partner there, and now have two beautiful Knockengorroch children who love it as much as we do !!! May cannot come around quick enough for us all, to be back in the hills, dancing under the stars (or in the headset disco if you ask the kids!), meeting friends old and new, enjoying ridiculous amounts of banter, good music, good food and ales and being by the river….total magic x

Lizzy Treacy
February 21, 2017

Fell in LOVE at Knock!

My partner and I fell in love at Knockengorroch 11 years ago. We’ve just had our 3rd child – a beautiful baby boy. We have so much to thank you for.

Louise Cobb
January 5, 2017

knocky-knocky-knocky !

Missed first 2 years , but been 2 every 1 since ☺ Happy 20 th Birthday Knokfest + thanks a million 😉 !

yu noh-hu ( aka yodabob taichi pants )
December 19, 2016

Just bl**dy brilliant!

Probably the very best weekend of my year… Every time I leave Knock with a very tired body but refreshed and oh so very alive – a beautiful place, an amazing community, all sorts of fun and madness. Knockengorroch is a very special place. Bring on May!!

November 25, 2016

Another fantastic Knock fest!

I have been coming to Knock for a long time and have to say it is my favourite place in the world on that weekend! The people, the fantastic music, the land, the vibe. It all adds up to a special place where I can feel part of an ancient world of love and fun and joy that exists in the hills for a few days and then is gone, again, til next year. Thank you so much to everyone that works so hard planning and organising the best fest. It is very much appreciated. X

Sally Rose
August 11, 2016


My son was crew here this year and invited us to come. As it was my birthday weekend I thought it was a great idea! My first time and certainly not my last. Enjoyed everything about the festival. Great weekend with a relaxed atmosphere in a picturesque part of Scotland.

Monica and Dean
June 16, 2016

Best kept secret

Truly one of the most wonderful festivals in the land! This really is one of the best kept secrets, when it comes to festivals. A real community feeling where children can run free and be safe, with so much to do for kids and the big kids at hart too! There’s something for every one to enjoy at Knockengorroch and the music is always varied and fun! The weekend always goes to fast and I can’t wait for next year and reuniting with Festival friends!

Stephen Mayne
June 15, 2016

Stole my heart

Last year, I hopped off a place from NYC, landed in Edinburgh and only hours later was thrown into the magical land of Knockengorroch. I am a traveler and have gone to tons of festivals, but this one truly stole my heart. I remember sitting at a fire after the music ended, early morning sessions, and deeply promising myself that I would make sure to make my way to this festival every year. I left only a couple months later and the magic of Knock remained in my heart.

A year later, after a whirlwind of events that took me all over the world, I thankfully ended up back in the UK just in time for Knock. This year, I returned with my new fiancé, made even more life-long friends, taught a Dub-Time Yoga class with an amazing DJ and new friend (Papa Shanti), danced with people of all ages and types to the best music, swam naked in the river, laughed, played and once again sat by the fire, early morning sessions, and promised myself to make it back next year. Thank you Knockengorrich, you’ve done it again – you have truly created one of the greatest festival experiences around the globe!

Tiffany Simoncini
June 14, 2016


Thank you for another incredible Knock – definitely my favorite festival in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

June 14, 2016

Brilliant is too weak a word

Brilliant is too weak a word to describe this festival, from the people you meet, to the bands it attracts and everyone involved in making it happen.

Richard, festy goer
June 14, 2016

Very wild

This is an amazing festival. It’s very wild and happens deep in the mountains. It’s a lot of fun: there are lots of international musicians mixing world music and traditional Scottish folk. It sits on the periphery of being a folk festival and not being a complete hippy grungefest. There’s a beautiful grass-roofed longhouse that has unamplified concerts in there, which is really lovely. And it’s all on the banks of a beautiful river. Sam Lee

Sam Lee
June 14, 2016


Many thanks to the audience and entire crew of the Knockengorroch Festival for creating such a fantastic experience, unique in this age of commercialism and cynicism. Long may it continue.

Dr Das
Asian Dub Foundation
June 14, 2016


Such a magical festival :0) Beautiful land, beautiful people.. Thanks for the memories!!!

June 14, 2016

Best Knock ever

Wow, the choir was incredible! I had such an amazing experience hula hooping to them on the main stage, total magic <3 thanks for the BEST KNOCK EVER XXXXXXX

Annie Em
June 14, 2016


Been coming 13 years. Always my favourite, and the sun really made it this year! Maybe it’ll like what it saw and come back next year – like me.

Karen Shepherd
June 14, 2016

Nice one Knock

HUGE thanks to all the organisers, crew and lovely punters for a perfect weekend in the wilderness 😀 warmest, friendliest festival there is…nice one knock 🙂 look forward to next year x

Pip Aluka
June 14, 2016

Outstanding weekend!

Thanks for making it so special guys!

James Ian McCallum
June 14, 2016

The best

Best festival I’ve been to in years!

Sam Rice
June 14, 2016

Total magic

Total magic see you lovely people next year loved every minute of it.

Peggy Susan Murphy
June 14, 2016

Thank You

THANK YOU for organising such an awesome weekend the sun helped but the people made it- good to be reminded what the world could be like.

Lesley Webster
June 14, 2016


Knockengorroch Festival was fantastic! One of the most beautiful festivals I’ve ever played. I’d highly recommend it!

Dan Turnbull
June 14, 2016

Knockengo Rock

This is the first festival I have been to when I moved to Scotland 8 years ago. My First attendance was 6 years ago. I was delighted as this was and still is a small festival of human size where you can go from the campsite to the main stage in few minutes without any security hassle. The main point is the diversity of people and music at the festival. I had then the pleasure to attend the festival for few years as an artist with Captain Slackship’s Mezzanine Allstars. After the band dismantled, I still attended the festival as so many friends were attending or performing there, a great community. On few occasions some friends flew over to attend the festival. The Highlights: Ska Cubano / Horace Andy / Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara / Vieux Farka Toure / Black Uhuru / The Turbans. Hours of fun in the Sheiling. The Samedia Shebeen was a great addition to the festival few years ago. The Longhouse is the perfect place to relax with some nice acoustics sessions. So it is a unique experience that is highly recommended, plus the scenery is beautiful.

Paul-Edouard Mias
June 14, 2016

Stone Stacking Nature Balance

C.o.G (church of gloss) We had the best time teaching stonebalancing at knockengorroch, such friendly and enthusiastic festival goers of all ages took part, the music and setting are an absolute delight. Can’t wait to be a part of this truly unique festival next year Love and Peace Long live knockengorroch. 🙂

JamesCraig Page
June 14, 2016


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for having OneKind at Knockengorroch. Personally, I had a brilliant time and came away from the festival feeling both exhausted and refreshed. I’ve made new friends and I have to say it’s hands down the best festival experience I’ve ever had.

Gregor Yule, Policy and Campaigns Officer
June 6, 2016

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