Where: Shieling StageWhen: Sunday

Knockengorroch favourites return for another year to get you all jumping!

Born from the belly of The Forest in Edinburgh AWRY soon became known for a very specific phenomenon known as the ‘PSYCHEGAELIC CEILIDH’. If ever you wanted to freak dance with wild abandon to a bagpipe and fiddle-driven band who have Red Bull and nitroglycerine for blood this is what youĂ­ve been waiting for; a musical feast braw, alive & wriggling!

AWRY make fine, mirthy original tunes that fuse traditional acoustic instruments (mostly made from wood and metal) with powerful soundscapes (mostly made from electric) and the Gaelic language (mostly made from sound and sometimes paper).

They’ve played on beaches and on festival stages, in large halls, clubs and bars, on houses and boats, boat-houses and buses, in forests, gardens and ferries in a heap of places that lie stretched between the Isle of Iona (in Scotland) and the Isle of Nida (in Lithuania).

They’ll make you whirl like a dervish and dance like a loon but also dream, drift and doodle. We can’t wait to have them back at Knockengorroch!

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