Blick Bassy

Where: Shieling StageWhen: Saturday

Renowned Cameroonian singer-songwriter Blick Bassy sings in Bassa, one of 260 Cameroonian languages. His music is a call to open arms, action and empowerment, full to the brim with intrigue, inspiration, experimentalism and activism.

Imagine a West African artist with the tenderly subversive touch of Bon Iver, the haunting falsetto of Skip James, the razor-like mind of Akala, and the inventiveness of Moses Sumney, and you’ve just imagined Blick Bassy.

Soaring melodies and inspiring lyrics performed in many languages are influenced by wide ranging styles such as Bossa Nova and the many traditional styles from Cameroon and the Mississippi blues. The sound seems both rooted in specifics, and yet is gleefully universal, pan-African, global; its allure both reverentially aged, gentle, and at the same time, iconoclastically new. A contemporary borderless sound, that is both a declaration of independence and an act of defiance.

In 2015, Bassy’s third albulm Akö was unanimously celebrated by critics. In the latest album, ‘1958’, Bassy envelopes the themes and memories of African history, struggle against oppression and politics like a balm of seductive tenderness and sorrow, rather than a weapon of revenge.

We are unbelievably thrilled to be welcoming Blick playing an intimate performance as a duo.  Don’t miss the chance to see such impressive, meaningful and eclectic music next May!

With his haunting, soulful voice, Blick Bassy has become one of Africa’s most inventive and distinctive singer-songwriters.
The Guardian 1958 review

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