Callum Easter

Where: Shieling StageWhen: Saturday

Returning to Knockengorroch for the 4th time, we’re outrageously excited to welcome back one of our favourite musicians Callum Easter with his distinctive and captivating full shebang of sounds and wisdom.

Performed on an intricate and unusual psychedelic thrift-store assembly of instrumentation including electric guitar, Elka Panther organ, piano, blues harp and accordion, all manipulated and recontexualised via a variety of effects boxes, samplers and sequencers, Callum Easter’s sound palette is strange and thoroughly satisfying.

As a singer of otherwordly rhythm and blues, his dark poetic vision finds its most compelling form yet on his debut release ‘Here Or Nowhere;’ a sparse, stark, deeply personal, and by turns hopeful, menacing and despairing clutch of intuitively retro-futuristic songs. United, as he explains, by ‘a feeling that the world is f****d up and a belief that people can fix it together.’

An artist who has built a strong local reputation emerging from the creative heat of the Leith studio that spawned Mercury Prize-winning act Young Fathers with whom he tours as support and plays keys and lap steel for live, Callum receives support from the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Marc Riley, Gideon Coe and BBC Radio Scotland’s Vic Galloway, with his early titles earning critical acclaim from The Skinny, Clash and The Herald with ‘Back Beat’ named one of the 100 best songs in Scotland in 2018.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to sway to the addictive, inventive sounds of one of Edinburgh’s most treasured and upcoming musicians at Knockengorroch’s bustling Shieling tent.

One to either discover, or listen to old favs from, whilst submerged in the unique Knockengorroch atmosphere!

An idiosyncratic talent, a different kind of torch singer
The Scotsman

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