Where: Bo-Airigh StageWhen: Saturday

Enormously pleased to welcome the comeback of elders of traditional sound system and vinyl culture, enigmatic French duo “Sir James” and “King Johnny” who, after a short break and a new album, hit the road with a stunning new live stage show and come all the way to Galloway with their unique banging hip-hop ina Yardie (Jamaican) Style with special guests N’zengTroy Berkley and BlabberMouf.

Their two latest successful albums Chickens in Your Town (2015) and Le Savoir-Faire (2017), continue to seduce sound-system, vinyl and classics of French cinema lovers across the world.

Sir Johnny and King James are also known for their collaborations: whether with Skarra Mucci and their legendary Dreader Than Dread, Capleton for the extravagant Burn Dem Down, Le Bonheur on which they invited the discreet Panda Dub, or even the hit Push The Limits with Biga Ranx, L’Entourloop has a knack for producing explosive and surprising featurings that make an impression.

Accompanied by live brass and unique visual creations drawing on classic French cinema this DJ and MC outfit are bringing a memorable full stage Bo Airigh show and promise to immerse us in the heart of their universe. Come! Knockengorroch is ready for full French hip hop Yardie style immersion from these seniors of the scene.

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