Little Quirks

Where: Shieling StageWhen: Saturday

For their first date in Scotland, ever! Please welcome Little Quirks – the family that accidentally became a band. Australian Sisters Mia and Abbey grew up not far from their cousin Jaymi in New South Wales. Back then, family gatherings were all about making music for fun. But the trio quickly evolved into Little Quirks – full of hooks, harmonies and explosive live energy.

The band’s boisterous approach to the folk/pop genre unashamedly pushes catchy melodies and big rhythms to the fore. While their layered vocals will draw comparison to the sibling charms of First Aid Kit and The Staves, the trio’s direct and often epic songs land them in a space of their very own. Recently that sound captured the attention of esteemed NY indie label Glassnote Records who promptly signed them to a roster that includes some of Little Quirks’ own major influences in Mumford & Sons and Aurora.

With a DIY mindset that would rival any act – the band make all their own recordings, videos, stage costumes, artwork and merch – Little Quirks are a breath of fresh, unbridled and joyful air that is determined to keep the music fun. Just try and stop them.

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