Plump DJs

Where: Shieling StageWhen: Friday

True innovators of sound and proud co-creators of the Breakbeat genre, Plump Djs make their first outing at Knockengorroch!

Plumps DJs are internationally renowned UK DJ/Producer duo Andy Gardner and Lee Rous of London, whose passion for innovation, and a non-conformist attitude to electronic music, have fueled their fire for over a decade.

Self admitted suckers for bass and ‘the groove’, they fuse their favourite styles from their misspent youth into what they call ‘Plump Music’ – a multi genre mash up of Acid, Breakbeat, House, Funk, Garage, Disco, Hip-Hop, Electro, Miami Bass, Rave, Rock, Techno and Soul.

Notorious frontline pioneers of the Breakbeat genre in late 90’s, the Plump DJs have diversified in recent years, landing back to back club hits and releasing on Punks music and their own Grand Hotel record labels. During their prolific musical career spawning over 100 singles, 6 albums, and 5 compilations to date, their list of collaborators and remixes reads like a superfestival dream line up: Mark Ronson, Gary Newman, Deadmau5, Fatboy Slim, Orbital, Jermaine Jackson and Louise Rhodes… The list goes on.

Plump are pioneers of production whose electronic music has inspired a generation of dance floor experiments – a dance floor certainly not to be missed at Knockengorroch this year!

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