Where: Bo-Airigh StageWhere: Fraoch Bar StageWhen: SaturdayWhen: Thursday

Introducing Romacaleo! Gypsy Swing with a twist.

Close your eyes and you might think you are in a 1930’s Parisian bar…a barmitzva…or a ceilidh? Musical acrobatics, at once relaxing, toe tapping and infectious.

Romacaleo approaches the soulful Gypsy Jazz of Reinhardt with a fresh, innovative yet historically rooted twist. Until the 2nd World War the Gypsies and Jews of Europe would frequently collaborate musically, their styles indelibly rubbing off on each other. Romacaleo has reignited this relationship through the incorporation of infectiously capricious Klezmer and the swing of Benny Goodman. Romacaleo also smoothly incorporates Scottish folk into their repertoire, an innovation that makes the band a truly unique as an outfit – a testament to Glasgow’s open multi-culturalism. With many other collaborations including those with classical opera singers and recent Scottish Young Jazz musicians of the year winners, they are an exciting, collaborative sound.

Having won the hearts of audiences across Scotland and Europe, they are sure to win over Knockengorroch.

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