Tinderbox Collective

Where: Bo-Airigh StageWhen: Saturday

Rave Culture Meets Last Night of the Proms
The Herald

The one of a kind orchestra that is Tinderbox makes it’s way back to the Knockengorroch stage a full 8 years after their first appearance and we cannot wait!

An award winning diverse collective of young people, musicians, artists, youth workers and volunteers, Tinderbox is part orchestra, part youth project, part rave.

Core values of inclusivity and togetherness combine with an ambition to hit the highest levels of creativity and originality. Driven by an unshakable desire to help people grow in confidence through music they have transformed preconceptions of what an orchestra can be. Their magic comes from not quite knowing where they will take you, but thousands of young people could tell you about the spark it has ignited in them. They are a hot ticket and a party to not miss out on.

Catch them at the Bo Airigh stage for a stonker of a performance like you’ve never seen before.

An Orchestral Revolution
Edinburgh Evening News

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