Twelfth Day

Where: Bo-Airigh StageWhen: Sunday

TWELFTH DAY bring a musically groundbreaking amalgam of chamber music, Scottish folk music, jazz-funk and electronica to the open air Bo Airigh Stage.

Violinst Catriona Price and harpist Esther Swift are two young Scottish virtuosos who have been challenging their broad spectrum of listeners with their genre-bending music as Twelfth Day for almost a decade. Their rich folk roots and classical training, together with an inherent curiosity and their extensive experience, creates meaningful music performed with technical proficiency and a traditionally intuitive folky ear.

Their songs confront societal conventions by exploring a wealth of urgent current issues, such as gender roles, power balance and the challenges of working in the arts as a young woman. In their new album Face to Face (their first featuring a full band) their multi-layered influences come together to create something entirely individual. There’s the radio-friendly catchiness and self-proclaimed respect for Beyoncé; there’s the swagger and surprise of jazz and funk; there’s the precision and technique of classical.

Captivating audiences across UK and European tours and at festivals such as WOMAD and Celtic Connections, they bring their surprisingly twisty take on folk to Knockengorroch for the first time.

Don’t miss them as their contemporary soulful sounds echo around the Bo Airigh fields

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