Welcome to the Crew page. We are a small, family run festival and we rely on our wonderful volunteers to help keep the festival running.

Crew applications for the 2023 festival will open early in 2023.

Here you can find information about crew deposits, FAQs and a form for general crew enquiries.

Crew Deposits

We ask for a deposit to show your commitment, which we refund at the end of the festival, unless:

  • you cancel without good notice
  • you don’t show up without letting us know in good time
  • you miss your shift
  • you turn up to your shift in an unfit state!

You have plenty of free time to enjoy the festival outwith your shifts, so we ask you to be punctual, sober and responsible whilst you are working, part of a happy and cohesive team!

Please remember you are representing Knockengorroch and the festival whilst you are working for us.

We collect the deposit through Paypal. The deposit will be refunded to you (minus £4 for administration costs) after the festival once you have completed all shifts. Once you have been accepted as crew, you will be asked to pay the deposit to secure your space on the volunteer crew.

Volunteers FAQ

Volunteering at the festival is a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, and experience the festival from a completely different and rewarding viewpoint.

Q: What kind of work is there?

A: These are the main jobs:

  • Traffic/Welcome Stewarding. Join a fun and friendly team of stewards to greet everyone as they arrive to the festival and guide them to where they need to go. This is a forward facing role great for friendly folks, you will get chance to chat to everyone as they arrive and trust me, you will keep seeing them again throughout the weekend! As we are a small site it’s important to make sure folk don’t get lost in the excitement and park their cars efficiently to make the most of the space we have. Shifts will be 4 x 6hrs Thurs-Monday. Let us know on your application if you can do a Monday shift!
  • Venue stewarding. Shifts involve stewarding the backstage entrance, stewarding the longhouse venue sited within the inner arena area and stewarding the main fire in the inner arena area. You will need patience, diplomatic and assertive skills.
  • Night sitting involves working night shifts to ensure the equipment on stages and in tents is secure, including the bar tent, or being in the main festival office overnight. You will be supported by a friendly security team for all night jobs. You will have a radio and be checked whilst on duty at night to ensure everything is fine. You must radio security if anything at all looks odd, suspicious or anti-social.
  • The festival HQ involves dealing with general enquires from the public and dealing with lost property as well as relaying messages to the stages and monitoring the CB radios. If you wish to work in the office it will help if you tell us of any experience you have had in this area, or just why you think you would be good in the job. It will also help if you have references and a full disclosure, as the office also looks after lost children.
  • Bar applicants will need to provide references as well as evidence of experience. Bar crew need to attend a two hour training session on the Thursday from 10-12. This is a necessary condition of our licence. You cannot be working on the bar if you cannot attend this training.
  • Box Office. This is a public facing role, and requires excellent communication and customer service skills. You will be the first people to greet festival attendees, so we look to you to provide a fantastic first impression! Prior experience in box office or a similar role is preferred.
  • There are limited jobs in the kitchen and it will help if you have had some experience.
  • Production volunteers – There are limited spaces for roles in Production work. Please email if you are interested in any of the production roles and include the dates that you are available as specified below:

    Priority will be given to those who can arrive on site early in May, the earlier the better, to help with pre -production and we look for people with skills and previous experience of production roles where possible. If we are still short of production crew then we will accept people who must start work by the Saturday, possibly the Sunday morning, before the festival begins at the latest. Please note – you may need to work on Thursday 25th May, despite the fact that we open to the public that day to sort last minute jobs so please check with our production manager whether you are still needed to help on the Thursday.You will be fed every day you are working and do not have to work during the festival.

    Post-production work
    You need to be available for four full days after the festival to help clear up i.e. til the end of Thursday. If you are working post-production you will be fed after the festival when you are working but not during the festival.

    If we cannot offer you a role in production, we would like to place you in one of the festival teams in one of the other departments. Please state whether you would be happy with this and your second preferred option.

Please consider when you apply your skills and experience. We will choose people who are more suited to the jobs they have chosen.

Q: How many hours do crew work?

A: All weekend crew will work no more than 24 hours over the four/five/six days. For night shifters the hours are slightly less. A stage sitting job will involve two night shifts (12 midnight to 8am or 2am to 10am) guarding the stage equipment. A night shift in the office will involve two office shifts from 2am-10am.

Q: When do I have to be there and when am I needed until?

A: From Wednesday 24th until Sunday 28th or Monday 29th May. The festival gates open on Thursday morning to the public. All crew need to be on site by 5pm Wednesday at the latest. Bar crew need to attend a two hour training session on the Thursday from 10-12. (This is a necessary condition of our licence. You cannot be working on the bar if you cannot attend this training.) You can leave on Sunday night but you must let us know so that we do not rota you on for that night.


Traffic/Welcome Stewarding
Most of the shifts will be on Thursday and Friday. If you can arrive earlier on Tuesday or can stay later on Monday you may be able to do some of your shifts at these times (out-with the festival times).

There are some shifts available on Monday, please let us know if you are able to stay and you may be able to get some of your shifts done after the festival is over.

Again, if you can stay later or arrive earlier you may be able to get some shifts done on the Tuesday before and Monday after the festival.

Post clean-up/ production
We ask for a minimum of 3 full days of work after the festival has ended.

Regardless of job, all crew need to arrive on site by Wednesday evening to attend the crew health and safety briefing. It is important you state if you want to leave on Sunday on the crew application form.

Q: What about meals?

A: We provide 3 vegetarian meals a day. Breakfast of porridge and/or toast, and two more hot meals. This food is for working crew only and we will not feed friends or family who are not working. If you have any special dietary requirements make sure you bring what you need with you. You must bring your own plate(s), mug and cutlery which you wash yourself.

Q: Are there crew facilities?

A: All crew get to camp in designated crew areas, based in the garden behind the main farmhouse and elsewhere. The garden is also close to the crew kitchen and the crew chill out area, which is a cosy indoor space for crew to use with tea and coffee making facilities and comfy seating! Please ask at the festival office upon arrival and you will be shown where the crew camping areas are. There is also a crew vehicle parking area – which includes crew campervans – adjacent to the crew camping space.

If accepted, please do not camp or park anywhere on arrival without checking first you are in the correct area.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: You will need to bring all your own camping equipment, including tent! You must bring warm clothes and waterproofs including waterproof footwear, a change of clothes and pairs of dry socks. A torch would be very useful. You also must bring your own plate, cup and cutlery for meals which you keep with you all weekend as we do not supply those. You will need to bring any luxuries or special dietary needs with you. There are no villages, towns or shops nearby to pick up extras!

Q: Can I work with my friend/ girl/boyfriend?

A: If you have a friend who wishes to come and crew, they need to apply in their own right. If you state that you are with them we will do our best to rota you on together, but we cannot guarantee this at all times.

Q: What COVID protocols might crew have to follow?

Knockengorroch festival will be adhering to restrictions that are in place in May and we will be asking all of our crew and festival attendees to do so. As these are impossible to predict we are unable to say for certain what will be required. As the restrictions stand at the current time (Feb 2023), Knockengorroch as a 3000 capacity festival is not subject to vaccine certificates. We will however be asking all crew to take a lateral flow test before journeying to the site. If you contract COVID and are unable to attend we will refund your deposit. Anyone contracting COVID during the event will be required to leave the site. You may also be required to wear a mask in certain roles dealing with the public. If this is a health issue for you please let us know in your application.

Q: How do I get to Knockengorroch?

A: Knockengorroch Farm is off the A713 between Dalmellington and Carsphairn in Dumfries and Galloway.

The nearest train stations are Ayr and New Cumnock.

The nearest bus stop is Dalmellington to the North and Carsphairn to the South.

There are some infrequent buses that go from Carsphairn to Dalmellington past the festival road end.

If you can make your way to Dalmellington we will pick up crew from Dalmellington square on Wednesday 15th September.

Buses in Dumfries and Galloway: Macewans bus services

Buses in Ayrshire:

National train services:

Also see the Travel page.

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