The Longhouse, Knockengorroch’s Gem

There are many unique areas of Knockengorroch World Ceilidh to be discovered – from saunas by the river to voodoo dance dens… By the medieval village at the quieter end of the site, the Langwhan (Longhouse) is one of the gems of Knockengorroch.

Begun in 2005 the Langwhan has slowly progressed, with the help of dedicated volunteers and craftspeople, to an almost fully completed recreation of an Iron Age dwelling such as people in the valley may have actually lived. Simon Holmes, Knockengorroch resident for 40 years, has spent much time researching how such a building such as this would have looked and been built, and traditional building methods and materials have been used wherever possible.

Knockengorroch 2019

The atmosphere in the Longhouse cannot be re-created. Top musicians from all genres gather and play solo or form new collaborations with others they may have only just met. Storytelling and singing foster an ambience of times long past. Audiences become participants in this journey to another place in time.

Once again we are proud to present a fantastic line up in the Longhouse. We will be opening on Thursday evening with the first performance starting at 9pm.

As per usual the ‘stage’ will be given over to 40 minute performances from Noon till 7pm Friday to Sunday, with the evenings devoted to ‘Sessions’ led by different guest performers on each night…

If you have tunes to share or songs to sing please come and join our late night sessions – looking forward to seeing you all there in the quiet light of the Langwhan.

Ceud mìle fàilte!

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