Gather round the hearth. Our Celtic Longhouse gets a boost

The Longhouse is the festival’s ‘hearth’ – an intimate, atmospheric and participatory setting. Built over a period of years, it is a faithful recreation of one of the many dwellings that would have existed in this river valley, once the site of a densely populated settlement.

After recent challenges with regulations, performances inside the Longhouse were put on hold and the future of the Longhouse as a performance venue has looked to be under threat. However this year organisers have worked hard to meet with all the requirements and, in an exciting turnaround, the ‘Langwhan’ is set to be the best venue yet! With additional safety measures in place it has attracted Creative Scotland funding to facilitate an incredible programme of top grassroots music, featuring some of the most talented musicians to emerge from Dumfries and Galloway alongside other international and UK acts.

Constructed using traditional materials and traditional building techniques the building has a green turf roof, wattle and daub walls and a traditional lum over the fireplace. The authentic surroundings will be subtly amplified and beautifully lit by lighting experts to create a completely participatory music experience like no other.

A strong thread of talent from Dumfries and Galloway will play alongside further international and UK acts. In addition to billed acts, many more impromptu performances are expected at what will be the most vibrant and grassroots spot of the festival. With limited capacity, spaces will be much in demand and festival goers are advised to get down there early.

Artists performing:

  • Claire Hastings
  • Robyn Stapleton
  • Galloway Agreement
  • John Langan
  • Avocet
  • The Lasses
  • Muckle Spree
  • Ceitidh Mac
  • Flew the Arrow
  • Mima Thewes
  • Delightful Squalor
  • Fish to Fry
  • The Outland Trio
  • The Moonlands
  • Kuchke – All female group singing Balkan and Eastern European polyphonic harmonies

The Longhouse sessions continue into the night, every night including Thursday, hosted by top musicians:

  • Nick Jenkins
  • Sam Gillespie
  • Sianni Moodie
  • Toby Mottershead
  • Luisa Brown
  • Freya Rae
  • Tara Cunningham
  • Joel Sanderson

Thanks to Creative Scotland

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