Featured artist: Emma Brierley

If you were wondering who has created the artwork for this year’s poster, read on…

Adventures in puppetry and visual theatre have moved Emma around Scotland, Vermont, Nepal, Taiwan, North Carolina and Sri Lanka – touring shows by foot, bicycle, horse & cart, a caravan and beat up old school buses. Her work is driven by a curiosity for the notion of home and is in response to the urbanisation of our culture.

She loves the craft of an old object and spent much of 2017 tending to the world’s oldest known still sailing (no engine) cargo ship as part of it’s refit and restoration crew in the Netherlands, learning carpentry from a team of skilled boat builders.

She’s currently illustrating, stitching and hammering things into shape on an array of commissions, is a member of the rural academy theater (USA) and co-founder of Swallow the Sea (Scotland).
Check out Swallow the Sea’s caravan theatre at the World Ceilidh. They’ll be set up near the longhouse with a programme of different shows thurs – sun.

Lino prints from her shows and new illustrated works will be for sale in the Knock shop during the festival.

See more of her work here: www.emma-brierley.com  /  www.vimeo.com/emmabrierley  / insta: emma_brierley_

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