Rivers of Music

Pleased to announce our theme: RIVERS of life, of music, of Knockengorroch! For 2018 we’ll be paying homage to the Deugh and the Bo – the rivers which run through our festival site and on which humans have depended for (merely) thousands of years. We’ll be celebrating during the festival with rivery installations and streamlined outfits. From kelpy to siren to fisherman to fish all are encouraged to reflect this glittering inspiration.

Pictured are the fabulous ladies from Delightful Squalor – Cera Impala and Lake Montgomery – who will be performing at the World Ceilidh. The handmade coracle boat in which Cera sits is a traditional lightweight vessel that was used in rivers around Knockengorroch and other parts of these islands for fishing and getting round. It is easily carried around on the back – however balancing in it in the water is quite a skill. Massive respect to Cera Impala for managing it with banjo!

Our thanks also to Special Branch Baskets, who handmade this boat and run courses on building traditional coracles, fences and baskets from willow in Perthshire.